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Identity Management Product Feature Comparison

18 February 2020
The data presented on this page originated from the detailed analysis of features of each individual identity management product. Each product was downloaded, installed and tested. This was a long and often painful exercise. We have used the installed product to individually explore a very long list of features related to identity management, architecture, integration and operation of the evaluated systems. Each product and each feature was evaluated according to our methodology. This produced a detailed feature comparison data. The data were then summarized into charts.

Feature Comparison Summary

Following chart illustrates feature evaluation totals. It shows the sum of all the features in all the feature groups. Feature comparison summary chart

The results are based on our evaluation methodology. The detailed data for each feature are available in this table.

Commercial Average

The dataset labeled "Commercial" represents a generic commercial product average. It does not represent any single product. It rather represent an average set of features of all (representative) commercial products. We have included this dataset into the evaluation to display our data in a proper perspective. We believe that this "commercial average" is roughly equivalent to zero axes and mid-field areas of the studies produced by industry analysts.

Feature Comparison Groups

The three charts that follow shows the results of each group of features. These are perhaps the most important charts to explore. Each identity management deployment is likely to have a slightly different set of requirements and no single product can be perfect for all the cases. Therefore it is important to choose a product that is strong in particular areas of interest. Feature comparison chart: Architecture, GUI, RBAC, Organizational structure, Provisioning and synchronization, Connectors Feature comparison chart: Customization, API, Datastore, Selfservice, Security Feature comparison chart: Workflow, GRC, Operation, Documentation, Community

Product Suitability

There is no single perfect product. That is technically almost impossible. Each product is suitable for a slightly different deployment type. The last chart summarizes suitability of the evaluated products for typical deployment environments. Product suitability chart The data shown in this chart are our summarization of the product overall philosophy, quality and features. These data are independent from the feature ratings shown in the other charts.

Detailed Results

Detailed comparison of product features can be found in this table.

Detailed analysis of each of the product can be found by following the links below.

Commercial average
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