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18 February 2020
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There are many commercial IDM systems out there. Some are better, some are worse. This study is not focused on commercial IDM systems. But we felt that it is important to put the results of this study in appropriate perspective. The "commercial average" is used in the feature comparisons to represent average capabilities of commercial IDM systems. It does not describe any individual system. The "commercial average" rating should be used only to put the results into a broader context. We believe that the "commercial average" that we use in this study corresponds to the zero axis of the charts that commercial analysts often use.

Why this study does not include commercial IDM systems? There are many reasons. The most important reason is the lack of transparency. Source code is not available therefore it is very difficult to objectively assess commercial systems (if it is possible at all). Commercial IDM systems require a license to evaluate them. Contrary to the open source world the commercial evaluation licenses are often unreadable. To be completely honest we have to say that we have no idea whether the evaluation licenses even permit the publication of evaluation results. Therefore we have decided to be on the safe side and we chose to exclude commercial IDM systems altogether.

The "commercial average" presented in this study is a very generic compilation that we were able to do by using only publicly available information. Contrary to the open source systems we have not downloaded or installed any of the commercial IDM systems. We have used only the information that we could legally use.

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