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Are you sure this study is correct?

18 February 2020

We are very confident that this study is correct. And there are many reasons for our confidence.

Firstly, the study is based on first-hand experience. We have actually downloaded all the products. We have installed and configured them. And we have tested them. As far as we understand the situation this method of product evaluation is not very common. It looks like the usual methods are mostly based on second-hand experience (documentation and product demos). But we have done it differently. It took and lot of time. But it was worth it.

Secondly, the evaluation was done by a team that has more than a decade of experience in the identity management. Therefore we know what and IDM product needs to be practical.

Thirdly, we are the team behind one of the open source identity management products. Therefore we also know what it takes to develop a product. We have been through this. Therefore we can easily identify warning signs in product design, architecture and implementation. We can do it because we have done many such mistakes ourselves. We can understand what the other teams are doing just from the source code.

But most importantly: we have used two methodologies for the evaluation. Even though the results do not match exactly they tell the same story.

Therefore even though this study may not be completely perfect we strongly believe that its results are significantly better than the results of other available studies.